How’d We Do?


Looking Back (2021)
Let’s look back at last year’s Injury Draft Guide, what did we get right?
Here are some injury-related comments that Dr. Morse made in the 2021 Injury Draft Guide that
ended up doing well.
Saquon Barkley 2021: “I have to urge you to temper your expectations with Saquon in 2021. There have
been rumblings that the Giants are going to limit his snaps early in the season. His cost (ADP) is just so high,
that you would need a repeat of Saquon’s rookie season (or better) in order to justify that price, and that’s a
lot to ask. He’s on track to start in Week 1, but there’s still a lot of time as of this writing (June) until late
Injury Risk: High. 7/10. Games Played: 13 Games missed due to injury: 4.
2020 Stats: 34 rushing yards, 0 TDs. Rank: RB113 2021 Stats: 593 rushing yards, 2 TDs. Rank: RB30
Austin Ekeler 2021: “Yes Ekeler had an injury-filled 2020 season, but I love his potential in this offense in
2021. Ekeler ranks 2nd only behind CMC in receiving yards per game, and in 2019 when he played all 16
games he finished as the RB4 in PPR leagues. That was before Herbert. Sign me up. He might be my RB1 in
several of my leagues (especially the PPR leagues). Top 5 RB potential.”
Injury Risk: Low. 4/10. Games Played: 16 Games missed due to injury: 1 (COVID).
2020 Stats: 530 rushing yards, 1 TDs. 54 catches for 403 yards, 2 TDs PPR Rank: RB26
2021 Stats: 911 rushing yards, 12 TDs. 70 catches for 647 yards, 8 TDs. Rank: RB2
Julio Jones 2021: “Entering his age-32 season, the wear-and-tear and accumulation of injuries may be
starting to finally catch up to Julio. Hamstring injuries are often chronic, especially if lots of scar tissue
develops, and future strains are very likely (hello Will Fuller). It is a lot harder to heal at 32 than it is at 22.
Father time, especially at a position like RB or WR, rarely loses. Julio’s been able to defy the odds so far in his
career, but I think the inevitable decline has begun.”
Injury Risk: Moderate. 6/10. Games Played: 10 Games missed due to injury: 7.
2020 Stats: 51 catches for 771 yards, 3 TDs PPR Rank: WR51
2021 Stats: 31 catches for 434 yards, 1 TD. Rank: WR93
George Kittle 2021: “The combination of all these injuries over the past 2 years concerns me. He’s dealing
with a torn labrum in his right shoulder, a moderate knee (MCL) sprain, broken ankle and then a broken foot.
These are the only injuries that we know about, there are likely many more. When he’s on the field, he’s a
top-3 TE, in the same tier as Kelce and Waller, and all the statistics support that. Problem is, he’s becoming
harder to trust IMO.”
Injury Risk: Moderate. 5.5/10. Games Played: 14 Games missed due to injury: 3.
2020 Stats: 48 catches for 634 yards, 2 TDs PPR Rank:TE19
2021 Stats: 71 catches for 910 yards, 6 TDs. Rank: TE4


Patrick Mahomes 2020: “I have no concern that Mahomes will continue to perform at an elite level. This injury was fluky and could’ve happened to anyone. While many players, especially those that are less flexible and less athletically gifted, may have suffered a significant injury, Mahomes managed to return in a mere two weeks. These are all great signs for his health and future risk.”

Injury Risk: Low. 3/10.          Games Played: 15             Games missed due to injury: 0.  

2020 Stats: 4,740 passing yards, 38 TDs, 6 INTs.      2019 Stats: 4,036 passing yards, 26 TDs, 5 INTs.   

Tua Tagovailoa 2020: It’s apparent that he’s talented, but unfortunately, he also seems to be injury-prone. Someone who has already had surgery on both ankles, hip, and suffered injuries to his finger, knee, and possibly wrist by the age of 22 is not exactly a picture of perfect health. The best bet is to let someone else worry about his ability to stay healthy.  For the cost, I will take someone with a similar upside but much less risk”.

Injury Risk: High. 7.5/10.     Games Played: 10              Games missed due to injury: 1.  

2020 Stats: 1,814 passing yards, 11 TDs, 5 INTs 2019.          2019 Stats: N/A

Chris Carson 2020: “Ideally Carson should continue to push around 1,200 yards and 4.5 yards per carry which is about his average over the last two seasons, but I’m (Dr. Morse) concerned his hip won’t allow him to do that.” 

Injury Risk: High. 7/10.        Games Played: 12           Games missed due to injury: 4    

2020 Stats:  681 rushing yards, 5 TDs.          2019 Stats: 1230 rushing yards, 7 TDs

Odell Beckham Jr. 2020: “My ‘risk score’ for Beckham heading into 2020 was 6 out of 10, as I was concerned about the multitude of injuries he had suffered.” That concern came to fruition in Week 7 when he suffered a torn ACL, another season affected by injury.

Injury Risk: Moderate. 6/10.     Games Played: 7       Games missed due to injury: 9   

2020 Stats: 23 receptions, 319 yards, 3 TDs        2019 Stats: 74 receptions, 1,035 yards, 4 TDs

Travis Kelce. 2020: “There is no reason why Kelce won’t continue to be a TE1. He has Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback, and the running game has gotten a boost with the drafting of Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who was the first back taking off the board.’ 

Injury Risk: Low. 1/10.              Games Played: 15         Games missed due to injury: 0

2020 Stats: 105 receptions, 1,416 yards, 11 TDs     2019 Stats: 97 receptions, 1,229 yards, 5 TDs